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olczyk was excited that a bit of scheduling serendipity allowed him to work hockey in washington and horse racing in baltimore this week. more than anything, he's happy for the normalcy. .
here again, unity is our greatest strength. "the eu and u.s. are friends and partners". trump says the tariffs are needed for national security reasons. .

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johns hopkins all children's hospital. [jim damaske |times]

here's how bob kraft can tell if the patriots will win a game  1 .
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hbo to make documentary of ‘serial’ podcast’s adnan syed .

the school in yarmouth that year had a low opt-out rate 2 percent, the superintendent said so there was a cap on the amount of disruption an illness could cause. .

"this should not have happened and should never be allowed to happen again to another vulnerable person or their family. .

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