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�we are glad that, at last, the commission is taking serious steps to fight air pollution before the court of justice,� clientearth lawyer ugo taddei said in a press release. .

in december 1972, robert and helen celebrated the birth of their only child together, son derek. .

.books and millennials: do we still read for leisure? . ulster nightclub removes offensive billboard of female golfer  . . .

the provider paid out on 7,469 life and 1,769 critical illness claims in the year, with men accounting for 59 per cent of life claims and 47 per cent of critical illness claims. .

it shows that the longest waits for cancer treatment have soared since 2010. . . .


the total amount paid out in critical illness claims was £75.19m, with cancer accounting for 74 per cent of claims from women, mainly breast cancer, alongside 51 per cent from men. . .

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