Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef (see HOME third & fourth paragraph) are “Harvested” at a USDA Inspected facility or locally at a WSDA inspected facility that are Animal Welfare Approved. org.

USDA Inspected - We pay for the slaughter, cutting & wrapping and delivery within 50 miles of Ellensburg, WA. The customer is responsible for paying a deposit (see Terms of Sale) at the time of ordering and rest of the money at the time of delivery or customer picking up of the meat.

USDA Inspected Prices

Terms of Sale (USDA Inspected or Custom) are:

Hanging weight is the weight of a side of beef after it is “harvested”. Depending on how long it hangs and how it is cut up (bone in or boneless cuts) will determine the final weight of what the customer takes home.